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Why choose Real Food Box?

Real Food Box offers the ultimate way for you to shop for great food from the comfort of your own computer, tablet or mobile phone... and then have it delivered to you every week!

At Real Food Box, we want to showcase our own produce, the best of Cornish and British, as well as offering fantastic food from around the world to enable you to eat healthily, to have confidence and trust in what you are eating and to ensure that you are always getting great value for money.

Real Food Box was born out of Trevilley Farm, Newquay.
The farm there has been in the family for over 100 years and the shop has been open for over 10 years.

On the farm, as well as growing veg, we rear our own beef, lamb and bronze turkeys and geese for Christmas.
Everything is produced with quality in mind and so our farming ethos and methods are not too dissimilar to when the family first bought the farm all those years ago.
We do not grow for the large commercial concerns and so we do not need to use chemical nasties.

Sound too good to be true? Give us a try! 
There is no minimum obligation.


Only great food will make it in to your box. Where applicable and available we will endeavour to source it from Cornish or British producers.


Eating well is not just about ‘treating yourself’ occasionally. With Real Food Box every meal can be a treat. We want you to feel that your box offers you fantastic value for money. Every week.


You have unrivalled control over
what you have and when. has been tablet and mobile enabled so that you have control over your account at your convenience.

We can deliver to your home, workplace, or wherever you choose and by specifying a ‘safe place’ you do not need to be in to receive your order.


We want to champion local and British produce and also offer great food that is not grown on these shores. We feel we offer a range that is unrivalled in the Cornwall area!

Going away?

You can specify your delivery days and amend delivery days for pending orders.

Personal Delivery

Delivery is only £1! We can deliver to an address of your specification per delivery. You do not need to be in to receive your order.

Choose Favourites!

Select items you want weekly, fortnightly or just once. Re-ordering is easy - view previous orders or put items in your Favourites list!