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Terms and Conditions

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Our registered address is Real Food Box, Trevilley Farm, Lane, Newquay, Cornwall, TR8 4PX.

Our VAT number is 191 1730 20

These Terms and Conditions govern the supply of goods sold by Real Food Box ("we" and "us") to the customer ("you"). These constitute the entire and only agreement between us in relation thereto.

Use of (the website) are governed by these terms. Use of this website shall be deemed acceptance of these terms. If you do not accept these terms, then please do not use this website.

We may modify these terms so please continue to check them periodically. They were last modified on Wednesday 2nd May 2018.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall affect your statutory rights as a Consumer.

1. Registration 

1.1 To order from us (Real Food Box) you will need to register (create an account). Please follow the instructions on the website.

1.2 You must ensure that all the details you have provided are accurate and complete. We are not responsible for any delays, costs or failed deliveries as a result of inaccuracies provided by you.

1.3 You must inform us, prior to your order deadline, of any changes to these details.

1.4 You must be 18 or over to order from Real Food Box. By ordering from Real Food Box you are acknowledging you are aged 18 or over.

1.5 By providing us with your personal details (name, address, telephone number and email address), you are giving us permission (opting in) to use those details for the purposes of fulfilling your order (eg. delivering to your address and emailing you with order confirmations) and for marketing purposes (email newsletters etc).

1.6 You may opt out of marketing emails at any time. If you place a subsequent order you are opting in again.

1.7 We do not sell or share your details with any third party, except those under the employ of Real Food Box to perform sales or marketing on behalf of Real Food Box

1.8 If you provide us with your mobile telephone number will text you if your order has been left in your 'safe place'.

2. Security

2.1 Please keep your password secure and confidential. You are liable for all activity on your account. We recommend regularly changing your password for increased security. This can be done in the ‘My Account’ section.

2.2 If you are using a public computer, please ensure that you log out and that the computer has not ‘remembered’ your username and / or password.

2.3 We may choose to suspend or cancel any account that we suspect is being used fraudulently or is mis-using the website.

3. Ordering and Purchases

3.1 Upon creation of your account you will be able to add products to your basket. You will be able to edit items, quantities and delivery frequencies. Once you have proceeded to the checkout and submitted your order, you may amend it prior to the deadline delivery in the ‘Your account’ section.

3.2 Any items set for repeat order will be delivered as per your ‘future orders’ unless you make changes prior to the order deadline. It is your respomsibility to manage your repeat orders.

3.3 In the checkout you will be given a day of delivery. All orders and amendments for that week must be made prior to your order deadline, which is 3pm two days prior to your delivery day. Any changes after this time will be applied to your next order. If your order deadline has passed and you wish to make amendment you may call us on 01637 873 756 or email us on . We make no guarantee that we will be able to apply the change to the order if your order deadline has passed, but if we can we will.

3.4 You must be over eighteen to order alcohol. If you have ordered alcohol and your order is likely to be left in it’s ‘safe place’ (see 5.1), it is your responsibility to ensure that your order can not be accessed by persons under the aged of 18.

3.5 Once you have created an account, you may use the website to order or make amendments. You may also call us on 01637 873 756 or email us on . Your order or amendment will be agreed verbally or by return email. Any orders / amendments made by email or left on our answermachine will be confirmed by return correspondence but we cannot guarantee that the order / amendment will be made if your order deadline passes before we are able to action your request. No order / amendment is accepted from you until the website displays a confirmation message, verbal confirmation has been given on the phone or you have received a confirmation email.

3.6 Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the website is updated with current prices and stock levels, all products are subject to stock availability and price change. If an item you have ordered is unavailable we will endeavour to offer you an alternative. You are under no obligation to accept the alternative. If we have been unable to get hold of you prior to delivery deadline, the item will be removed from your order and you will not be charged for it. We will, however, bear no liability for product availability (or lack thereof). Note that this is not applicable to set some 'Set' boxes where an alternative will be added without notification, depending on your stated preferences.

3.7 By their nature, seasonal products are exactly that – seasonal. We will bear no liability for seasonal availability (or lack thereof) and price fluctuations. The price for a product may vary weekly. Therefore any items on repeat orders may vary in price. We recommend that you review your weekly order prior to the order deadline.

3.8 The contents of the week’s Fruit, Veg and Meat boxes are subject to change with no notice. Whilst we try our best to avoid such a situation, sometimes produce can become unavailable or has not passed our quality control when delivered to us from our suppliers or producers.

4. Payment

4.1 Except for circumstances set out in paragraph 4.7, you will be required to provide us with a valid debit or credit card. You may change your payment details by accessing the ‘Your Account’ section of the website or by phoning us.

4.2 Your payment details will be encrypted, processed and stored by a PCI Compliant third party provider. No member of staff at Real Food Box will have access to your payment details.

4.3 Our system will normally submit a request to charge your card on the day prior or on the day of your delivery, however, we reserve the right to charge your card at any time after your order has been submitted. We cannot guarantee how long the bank will take to process this payment.
Certain special order products (made to order or of limited supply), most notably Christmas poultry, will be charged at the time of ordering. If this is the case, the product will state this in the product description.

4.4 You may be liable for any expenses incurred by Real Food Box in obtaining payments that are not been made in accordance with our terms and conditions.

4.5 No delivery will be made if your payment has been declined by the card issuer. We will endeavour to contact you prior to despatch. You may contact us during office hours to make alternative or temporary payment arrangements. These are subject to the usual delivery deadlines.

4.6 Some products are not sold in set prices, but by weight – most notably some meat products. In this instance the average weight and price, along with the price per kg will be shown and serve as a guideline only. You will then be charged for the weight of product delivered. If the weight of the product exceeds 20% of the guide price, you will be contacted prior to despatch or charged no more than 20% above the guide price.

4.7 In some instances, we may accept payment by cash on delivery. This will be at our discretion; you will need to call us to discuss. We do not accept cheques, not are we able to run an account (retrospective payments).

4.8 All prices are inclusive of VAT.

4.9 None of the produce we sell is for re-sale.

5. Delivery

5.1 Upon creating an account, you will be given a delivery day. Although we will endeavour to keep this the same every week, we reserve the right to change it permanently or temporarily. You will be advised by email if this is the case.

5.2 Delivery days are Tuesday to Friday and we are closed Bank Holidays, except Good Friday. Your delivery day will vary in the Christmas period. You will be advised by email of your new delivery day.

5.3 You must nominate a ‘safe place’ when creating your account. This is somewhere where your order can be left if you are out or unable to get to the door when we deliver. We recommend that this is an accessible, covered and dry place, out of sight. However, if your ‘safe place’ is in the open (eg on your doorstep) we will put your box in a large bag.

5.4 You are responsible for your order once it has been left in your ‘safe place’. You are liable if your order is stolen or damaged whilst in your safe place.

5.5 By nominating a 'safe place' you are giving us permission to access your premises for the purposes of leaving your order. 

5.6 We reserve the right to refuse an order if satisfactory delivery arrangements can't be made.

5.7 We cannot accept liability for inconvenience or loss caused by late or cancelled delivery for reasons beyond our control. These may be, but not limited to, adverse weather, bad traffic, vehicle breakdown, sickness, supplier failure. If we are unable to deliver to you at all, you will be refunded in full.

5.8 Our liability to you for products not delivered will not exceed the value of the product.

5.9 We generally deliver in the afternoons and evenings. We are unable to guarantee what time we will deliver your order, although it generally tends to be the same approximate time each week. If you would like an idea of what time you can expect us, you may call us on 01637 873 756 and we will endeavour to give you an approximate time.

6. Cancellation and Returns

6.1 We recommend that you inspect your order upon delivery. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with any part of it, please call us on 01637 873 756 or email us on within 48 hours of delivery. It may be necessary for us to view the product. We will refund you, replace the item the following week, or credit your account.

6.2 You may return any non-perishable item to us for a full refund as long as it is in the same condition that you received it. You must contact us within 7 days of delivery / receipt of your order. We will make arrangements to collect it or for you to return it to us prior to any refund / credit.
This does not apply to products that have been mis-used or accidents causing damage to the product once it is in your possession.

7. Availability of the Website

7.1 It is your responsibility to have the necessary internet connection and equipment to connect to our website.

7.2 Certain aspects of the website may be unavailable due to maintenance or withdrawn altogether. Order deadlines still apply. Please call us on 01637 873 756 or email us at and refer to section 3.5.

7.3 We make every effort to ensure the website is accurate and fault free. If you find a fault please report it to us: call us on 01637 873 756 or email us at

8. Real Food Box Liabilities

8.1 Without affecting your statutory rights, we will endeavour to correct inaccuracies and errors on the website, but we will not be responsible for such inaccuracies or errors or for information collected or used from them.

8.2 We warrant that products sent to you will be in satisfactory condition. As per the terms set out in section 6, only on return and inspection of any damaged goods will we offer a refund or credit. This warranty does not cover products that have been damaged in your possession.

8.3 We will not be liable to you by way of representation (unless fraudulent), common law duty or under any express or implied term of the contract for any losses which are not foreseeable by you and us when the contact for the supply and purchase of the products is formed arising in connection with the supply of Products and related services or their use by you; any losses which are not caused by any breach by us; or business or trade losses (including, without limitation, loss of profits, loss of goodwill, loss of reputation and loss of business).

8.4 We shall not be liable for the delay or failure of performance of our obligations for reasons beyond our control.

8.5 Nothing in these terms means that our liability to you for death or injury resulting from our negligence is limited.

8.6 Except in the case of 8.5 our liability for the contract of supply to you will exceed the purchase value of the goods in question.

8.7 The website is provided ‘as-is’ and we make no warranty that it will operate uninterrupted or error-free.

8.8. We do not warrant that the website will be compatible with your operating system or computer equipment or that its server is free of viruses, ‘Trojan horses’ and other destructive worms. We are not liable for any damage that you may incur.

9. Your Statutory Rights

9.1 Nothing in these terms affects your statutory rights. Trading Standards and The Citizens Advice Bureau will help you with more information on this.

10. Applicable Law

10.1 These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England.

10.2 If any of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid by a court with the appropriate jurisdiction, none of the other terms and conditions will be affected.

11. Miscellaneous

11.1 We reserve the right to amend any of these terms and conditions.

11.2 We reserve the right to add to these terms and conditions.

11.3 We do not guarantee to inform you if we add to or amend these terms and conditions. We recommend that you check them frequently.

11.4 We reserve the right to refuse any order.

12. Allergens

12.1 The Trevilley Farm kitchen handles dairy, wheat, celery, celeriac, nuts, mustard and egg.
Real Food Box staff handle celery, celeriac and nuts.

12.2 We re-use our jute bags. We try and send you the same bag that you have used previosuly but this is not always possible. Although we only re-use bags that we consider fit for re-use, we cannot guarantee what our bags have come in to contact with whilst in the possession of our customers. Please let us know if you have any allergies (eg. cat or dog).

13. Copyright

13.1 Anyone accessing the website is free to view any part of it. However, the content (including but not limited to photos, text, images, names, artwork, code, software, videos, files) is owned by Real Food Box and may not be reproduced without written permission from Real Food Box.