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Update 21st May 2020

Although the website remains closed to new orders we have limited capacity on nearly all of our rounds.

Please create an account on the link below and call us on 01637 873 756; we can process your order on the phone.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Update 16th April 2020

We are increasing our capacity and now have limited delivery slots available in certain areas.

Please create an account by clicking here.

and then email us - - with your telephone number and postcode.

We will be in touch!

Please note that the website is still not taking orders so all orders need to be placed on the phone.

Also, we continue to deliver in plastic bags instead of our usual jute bags. We don't like doing this but feel it is the best suited at this time.

Stay safe.



Update Friday 3rd April 2020

I'm afraid that we are unable to take new orders.

However, we are now operating a waiting list as we are striving to increase capacity so that we can get more orders out.

Please email us - - with your telephone number and postcode.
We do have limited slots in certain areas so this is definitely worth doing!

We will be in touch as soon as possible.

Stay safe.




Update Sunday 29th March 2020

It is with great regret that we are going to be unable to accept new orders for the upcoming week. We will be making another assessment in a week's time.

Please note that existing repeat customers are currently unable to add to their repeat order. We are hoping to overcome this so please check back for updates.

Current circumstances have completely transformed Real Food Box. It is heartbreaking for us to be unable to help so many of you who need a basic food delivery.

Our focus is now to HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS WE CAN.

This situation is not going to change any time imminently and so we have made the decision to streamline our offerings so that going forward we can get food delivery to more of those who need it.

Our Seasonal Fruit and Veg Boxes will now simply be Fruit and Veg Boxes, full of delicious, well priced and available produce. If you have one of these on repeat order, your order will be automatically reverted.

You will not, however, be able to substitute out items that you don't want.

Our Salad, Fruit and Meat Boxes will stay the same. However, as with the Fruit and Veg Boxes you will not be able to substitute out items that you don't want.

We have cut back significantly on the range of produce that is available, in order to streamline our service and ultimately, help more people. Until further notice, we will be only offering basics - bread, some meat items like sausages and minced beef, milk and eggs.

We hope to re-introduce more products in due course.

I understand that this will affect many of our long-standing existing customers and for this I apologise. I hope that you understand and appreciate the reasons behind these changes.

Stay safe.