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The classic roasting joint! 

From our own herd here at Trevilley Farm, this topside joint is perfect for your Beef Roast!

Size guide: allow 250-300g of raw meat per person. 

Priced by weight; final price will vary according to actual size. The price shown is the most you will be charged.

If you require a joint that is larger than listed, please call us on 01637 873 756 before you complete your order and we can get one cut to your specification.


Trevilley Farm

Trevilley Farm has been in the family for 100 years and the ethos of the farming has not changed - it's all about growing the best tasting produce in the best and most natural way! We rear our own beef, lamb; turkeys and geese for Christmas and grow our own vegetables.




Storage & Prep

Store in the fridge. Freeze after 5 days of receipt.


100% Beef

From £21.25
£12.50 Per Kg

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