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Real Large Meat Box

A variety of delicious cuts of fine quality Cornish meat, that saves you money and changes weekly. 

Compliments our Veg Boxes perfectly!

Week beginning 19th October 2020

Beef Mince (500g)  - grass-fed and reared on our farm in Newquay. 
Chicken, Whole (1.5kg) - Cornish and free-range
Diced Pork (500g) - Cornish and free-range
Unsmoked Back Bacon (5) - Cornish 
Unsmoked Sliced Ham - Cornish
Pork Tenderloin - Cornish

Feeds 4-6 people approx.

All weights and quantities are approximate.

Allergen advice in brackets:
G - contains Gluten,
D - contains Dairy,
S - contains Soya
(always check the labelling!)


This foodbox contains:
Beef, Mince
Chicken, Whole
Pork, Bacon, Unsmoked
Pork, Diced
Pork, Ham, Unsmoked
Pork, Tenderloin

Week Beginning 19th October 2020

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