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Get Fruity Moist Mixed Berry Bar

Radiant blackcurrants give these bars intensely tantalizing flavour and a longer lasting fruit taste.

The cranberries are juice infused just to balance their distinctive clean zingy taste. They have a perfect blend of tart and sweet flavours. Luscious blackberry juice is added to complete the rich berry flavour, a perfect balance of ripe fruit.

Get Fruity




Storage & Prep

Store in a cool dry place.


Infused with Fruit Juice Concentrate 5%, Red Grape Fruit Juice Concentrate, Blackcurrants Infused with Fruit Juice Concentrate 4%, White Grape, Apple & Pear Juice, Blackberry Juice Concentrate 2%), Virgin Coconut Oil, Rice Starch, Colour: Beetroot Red, Flavour: Natural Blackberry, Gluten.

May contain wheat and barley. Not a nut free site but our bar may contain traces of nuts and seeds.


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