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Turkey 4 Bird Roast 5.5kg

Make this year's Christmas dinner unforgettable with a Trevilley Farm Multi-Bird Roast!

Made using:
our own free-range bronze turkey,
free-range Cornish duck,
Cornish free-range chicken and
Cornish wild pheasant.

This roll will feed approximately 18 people. 

Add this Multi Bird Roast to your Seasonal Veg Box and you will have the main course of Christmas dinner sorted and delivered!

The outer bird - turkey - is boned and laid out flat. We use breast meat from the other birds and place them along the whole length of the roll. In this way every slice has every bird.

Want to add stuffing? In the options below select from:
Lemon & Thyme
Sage & Onion

Every roll is made to order. If the combination or size roll ypu require isn't listed, please contact us for a quote.

Multi Bird Roast Size Guide: an average serving of cooked meat is approx 250g. Bear in mind that, like any solid piece of meat, its cooked weight will be less than its raw weight, so allow approx 300g per person; more if you would like leftovers.

All orders for Multi Bird Roasts will be delivered in time for Christmas.

Please ignore the date shown in the checkout and email confirmation. See our Delivery Info page for further details or check back in to your account (View Current and Past Orders) 1 day after ordering.


Trevilley Farm

Trevilley Farm has been in the family for 100 years and the ethos of the farming has not changed - it's all about growing the best tasting produce in the best and most natural way! We rear our own beef, lamb; turkeys and geese for Christmas and grow our own vegetables.




Storage & Prep

Store in the fridge ideally between 2 and 3C.
If you are using any later than Christmas Day freeze on receipt.

See our recipe page for cooking instructions


Free-range goose from Trevilley Farm
Cornish duck breast
Cornish free-range chicken breast
Cornish wild pheasant breast

Chestnut Stuffing - chestnut, bacon, breadcrumbs, parsley, lemon, butter, egg & seasoning
Warning: contains gluten, dairy and egg!

Lemon & Thyme Stuffing - thyme, onion, breadcrumbs, lemon, butter & seasoning
Warning: contains gluten & dairy!

Cranberry Stuffing - cranberry, orange, onion, butter, egg, honey, milk, bread & cinnamon
Warning: contains gluten & dairy!

Sage & Onion Stuffing - onion, sage, breadcrumbs, butter & seasoning
Warning: contains dairy and gluten!

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