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We’re striving for plastic free…yippee!

Here at Real Food Box, we’re proud to deliver fresh, seasonal, locally grown and great tasting produce direct to your door.

Most of the fruit and veg we supply is loose in our #vegbags.
It comes to you in it’s own natural wrapper, as Mother Nature intended.
But to reach you in tip top condition, some items need to be bagged for protection.
Soft fruits and delicate leaves for example.

Plastic packaging has been used by manufacturers for decades, and can, of course, help to keep food hygienic, fresh and protected.
But pollution from single use plastic is swamping our seas, destroying our delicate ecosystems and wiping out our wildlife.
As food retailers, we believe it’s partly up to us to get us out of this mess, and provide great taste without the waste.
And so we have decided that enough is enough…We want to help turn the tide.

From this week forward, we have replaced plastic bags with paper bags in our Seasonal Fruit & Veg Boxes.
The bags are recyclable, and you can also put them in your compost!
Any produce that we bag onsite will be packaged in these bags.

Inevitably, some of our produce is still being delivered to the farm already packaged in plastic.
We are in constant dialogue with our producers about our wish to eliminate plastics from the supply chain.
The production and packaging systems already in place will be costly to re-structure.
Changes won’t happen overnight, but we continue to push for the change that is so desperately needed.
We hope that our current and future customers can be patient with us whilst we come up with alternative solutions.

We’re excited that the conversation has started, and committed to bringing about the change we all wish to see.