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February 2017 News

Welcome to the Real Food Box blog!

Change to Order Deadline

From Friday 10th February, the order deadline will move to 9am.

The day will remain the same, but it has become necessary to move the deadline from 3pm to enable us enough time to process all of your orders!

News from The Farm

Despite the cold and the wet, it’s busy as ever on here on Trevilley Farm.

The first of our early spring lamb were born and both mother and lamb are round the back of the shop – feel free to say hi if you are popping in to the shop.

Our Kale and Purple Sprouting Broccoli crops continue to thrive.

The PSB will continue to feature in the Seasonal Fruit and Veg Boxes most weeks whilst the crop is at its best. Remember that you can substitute it out if you’d like to though!

PSB can be cooked exactly like regular broccoli; the leaves and the stem are all edible, just remember to trim off the larger pieces and then cut the stem so that it cooks in the same time as the main plant.

We love it stir fried with ginger and garlic!

We have some spinach and chard planted and we hope to be able to include some of this in the Veg Boxes from March.

New Products

We are always on the look out for new products to include in our range.

This week we added Gluten Free Self Raising Flour and Gluten Free Bread Flour.

Recently, my children Isla, 8, and Lleyton, 7, invested their pennies in to 12 quails that we now keep on the farm, so that we can sell their eggs. They are delicious and rich in flavour, but quaint and little!

We have them at a special price at the moment, only £1.50 for 12 eggs! Give them a go!